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The apolyto creative spot was founded in 1991 by Konstantinos Rafaelides. It is a creative
workshop that deals with the production, publishing and distribution of Greek visual arts
and their architectural visual implementation.
Distinguished by new technological methods of printing, the profound knowledge and
experience of its people and valuable and internationally renowned partners, the apolyto
creative spot is a modern creative space, on a par with corresponding Workshops - Art
Publishers around the world, successors in their turn of Engraving, Copperplate and
Lithographic workshops of previous eras.

Renowned and highly acclaimed contemporary visual artists use the expertise and
experience offered by the people of apolyto to create and reproduce works of art. Special
inks and paper, textiles, metals, wood, glass, etc. with specialized printing methods
constitute new developments in the field of artistic expression. The materials and methods
used ensure the preservation of their creations throughout time without deterioration or
damage. Original works, monotypes and limited copies are produced by apolyto, which
constantly cooperates and acts on suggestions from designers to preserve the uniqueness
and identity of the artwork.

A great collection of art by renowned and highly acclaimed Greek painters is made
exclusively available by apolyto, bringing contemporary Greek art closer to everyday life. In
a highly original exhibition space, where projects are posted in the workshop where they are
produced by their creators, you can tour the new visual events in contemporary art.

Architectural applications and three-dimensional visual and useful structures reshape and
modernize the quality of our everyday life.
Apolyto studies, designs, manufactures and implements unique projects tailored to
the needs of the space, driven by aesthetics, ergonomics, use and all this in perfect
collaboration with visual artists, architects, decorators and manufacturers.
All these years apolyto has very successfully realised a series of architectural visual
structures in professional spaces, hotels, hospitals, ships, buildings and homes.

Our collaborations with museums and art galleries as well as with the foremost
contemporary Greek artists, architects and designers vouch for our creative workshop.
Publishing partners of Apolyto Creative Spot:
Opy Zouni, Dimitris Mytaras, Christos Karas, Sotiris Sorogas, Vassilis Sperantzas, Nikos
Stefanou, Pavlos Samios, Manolis Charos, Vangelis Rinas, Dimitris Yeros, Michalis
Katzourakis, Alexandros Tombazis, Theodoros Pantaleon, Nikolas Klironomos, Erietta Vordoni, Erato

Apolyto- Creative spot

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