Apolyto Is

Apolyto Creative Spot is a modern creative workshop and meeting place for artists, architects and designers coming together to shape the latest trends and find expression through the visual arts.
With love and respect for art, years of knowledge and long-standing experience and thanks to our tech equipment and 30 years of work, our Workshop is appreciated by the entire artistic community and has become a modern art hub.

Apolyto is guided by aesthetics, ergonomics and versatility as it designs, produces and implements unique works that are adapted to the needs of the space, and all this is done in an exceptional cooperation with visual artists, architects, interior designers and constructors.

Each day, new challenges emerge during the creative and construction processes, as originality in innate expression leads us to unique personal paths which we explore as companions.
Today our workshop engages in an ever-expanding field of activities.
They range from engraving and natural handmade paper to 3D printing using synthetic or natural recyclable materials.
They include conventional and digital printing, as well as wood, metal, glass, and acrylic processing techniques, including paint, casting etc.
We perform our work in line with the high standards required for works of art in terms of their uniqueness and the non-negotiable need for then to last over time.

Over the years, Apolyto has executed a series of architectural and visual art installations in professional spaces, hotels, hospitals, yachts, buildings and residences. The success of our work throughout this time speaks for itself through our collaborations with many important Greek artists, with highly-respected architectural offices in Greece and abroad, with interior design firms and with the major fine arts museums of our country, as well as with some of the most influential art galleries.

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