Professional Spaces Design

The first thing we do when we are asked to provide our services for any professional space, hospital, museum or residential home is to establish exactly what the requirements are. This is determined by component parts that carry a different weight each time, and which will define the specific needs of any space.

Having gained an appreciation of these needs, we design unique architectural art installations that are fully integrated within the building, giving it the uniqueness it deserves.

The only thing offered by so-called ‘easy’ solutions copied from place to place, or even from country to country, tends to be a sense of carelessness, tasteless and often excessive expenditure for show.
In order for artistic creations to thrive they must be nourished by the geographical location and the historicity of the area in which they are located, as well as by the purpose and use of the architectural structure itself. Only in this way can the artistic creation be integrated within the building and offer maximum added value to it. Only then can the installation become an integral part of the building and one of its leading features.

Today, Apolyto seeks to not simply incorporate visual art installations within a building, but to turn them into a prominent feature that highlights the overall architecture.
Apolyto has the necessary knowledge and ability to help visual expression emerge as the focal point of a building.

Apolyto designs, produces and implements unique works that are adapted to the needs of the space, guided by aesthetics, ergonomics and versatility, in exceptional cooperation with visual artists, architects, interior designers and constructors.

Over the years, Apolyto has executed a series of exceptionally successful architectural art installations in professional workspaces, hotels, hospitals, ships, buildings and residences.

We have a proven track record with more than 30 years of successful business activity over multiple projects, including our collaborations with: Alexandros Tombazis & Associates (Architectural Firm), AMK Architects, the Benaki Museum, the Vassilis and Marina Theocharakis Foundation, the Zongolopoulos Foundation, the Kakogiannis Foundation, the Foundation of the Hellenic World, the Averoff Foundation, the Goulandri Museum, the Athens Concert Hall, the Kapopoulos Gallery, the Zoumboulakis Gallery, Gallery Skoufa, Ikastikos Kiklos (Art Circle), ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, BIC VIOLEX, ELIN OIL, COPELOUZOS GROUP, ACCENTURE GREECE, IMPERIAL TOBACCO, Lamda Development, the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASKT), and others.

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