Hotel Interior Design

Apolyto’s aim is to integrate contemporary art into architectural structures, making it an integral part of the building. Hotel spaces are an excellent area for the type of projects we work with as they require historical, geographical and cultural elements, all the elements that nurture artistic creation, to be brought together in a contemporary manner.
In particular, contemporary hotel architecture could easily be differentiated from its counterparts abroad, and indeed it should be given the overwhelming tendency to stick defiantly to uniformity with only a few exceptions. Diversity is not an end in itself but an opportunity to approach the particular geophysical, architectural and historical characteristics of each space, so that an art installation can, beyond the aesthetics it offers, be integrated into the environment and give identity to the space that houses it.

By developing architecturally appropriate visual installations in our workshop, in productive collaboration with the artist, the architect and the interior designer, we give identity, authenticity, and consequently added value to the building. This means that our work stands in contrast to common construction and interior decor solutions that insist on across-the-board ideas… taken straight from international interior design exhibitions. For us, art is not a picture with a mount and a frame to match the colour of the sofa, rather we think it should be part of a more general concept that ultimately gives identity and character to the architectural creation.

Most hotel art today is limited to isolated placements of works of art, paintings and sculptures, which most often seem to be detached from the building. Artistic contribution can give most to the building when it is included in the architectural study from the beginning. Artistic creations should not be an afterthought, as they often are, intended to make up for the deficiencies of an architectural study, rather from the start they should be incorporated as an important element around which the study can be expanded.

The reciprocal and equal relationship between architecture and artistic expression is the recipe for success.

Apolyto aspires to provide a solution to an easily identifiable problem.
Through a dialogue between architecture and artistic creation, something academically self-evident but often forgotten in practice.
Perhaps a failure of communications between the two communities, visual arts and architecture, was the reason why such projects have not thrived in recent years.

Today, we have created a meeting place for them, providing on the one hand the means for artistic creation to express itself, and on the other, offering the means for art to have practical application within the “space”. But above all, we have the human resources, the people of Apolyto, who have the necessary extensive experience to support architectural art projects with the due respect that befits art itself.
Our goal now, having observed the dynamics of this relationship between the visual arts and architecture, is to strengthen it.

Architectural applications and three-dimensional visual and utilitarian constructions in defined spaces are the means to reshape and refresh our everyday quality of life.

Apolyto designs, produces and implements unique works that are adapted to the needs of the space, guided by aesthetics, ergonomics and versatility, in exceptional cooperation with visual artists, architects, interior designers and constructors.

Apolyto has long-standing experience of constructing exceptionally successful architectural art installations for hotels.

We have a proven track record with more than 30 years of successful business activity over multiple projects, including our collaborations with: Costa Navarino, Electra Palace, Macedonia Palace, Atlantica Hotels, Aquagrand Hotels & Resort Lindos, Yes Hotels, Yfanti – Fresh Hotel, Dolphins Capital, Kouros Hotels & Suites Mykonos.

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