Our Philosophy

In an age where everything is subject to reinterpretation and change,
the visual arts are enjoying abundant sources of inspiration. Especially in these times when the economic downturn and a crisis of values are redefining the priorities of our lives.
Apolyto stands today in support of artistic creativity and its free expression.
We have been given a precious and endlessly inspiring opportunity to be present and participate at the conception of artistic creation and to watch it unfold.

The visual arts function as a historical record, and through their exhaustive decoding they reflect everyday life and social behaviours, highlighting the sociological characteristics of each era.
But the greatest contribution of art is that it carries the avant-garde of raw expression that can, with the power of the ¨authentic¨, become an important contributing factor in elevating our lives. Accordingly, we have an obligation to let art occupy the place it deserves.
It is what characterises us, this two-way relationship that develops over our lifetime. It gives expression to the social, cultural, and aesthetic characteristics of our personality.

Extension of the Visual Arts: the Applied Arts
The power that the applied arts can give to a building has been recognised throughout time.
These arts largely determine the elegance, style and “character” of a building. They are often what makes the building special and unique as through them authentic artistic expression can be uniquely realised. This is what has rendered many buildings “immortal” in our historical memory.

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